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Wow! You’re Expensive!

  • November 17, 2016
Wow! You’re Expensive!

Hi folks,

7Thanks for clicking through to our blog – we hope you stick around until the end.

We’ve just finished up editing and sending all of our Christmas Mini Session photos to our clients and it would seem everyone’s happy, which is wonderful (you can see some reviews on our Facebook page – Click here for Reviews). We’ve had a few disappointed people who couldn’t make it to our session and due to our work schedule and cut off times for printing etc., we can’t schedule another in this year. Next year, we’ll be sure to add more to the calendar! We’ll also be offering Mummy & Me and Daddy & Me sessions and gift vouchers in time for Mothers & Fathers Days respectively – so keep an eye out if you want to join us.

Now on to the matter at hand. That question – Why are you so expensive?

Family & Children Portrait Photographer Mobile Studio Own Home Cavan Monaghan Meath LouthFirst off – a business earns money to pay its bills and hopefully put bread on the table and coffee in our tummies, we’d love to work for free (which, incidentally we do for Aoibheann’s Pink Tie, Ireland’s National Children’s Cancer Charity – if you have the time, please look them up! They’re wonderful!) but unfortunately we all know that won’t work until we win the Euromillions…

We could drone on about it, but it’s simple – have some bullet points, we love bullet points!

  • We’ve been doing this for a few years now, we both work hard all the time to be able to produce consistent work that our clients love and are always working to make sure that we keep up with new techniques and new ideas in order to keep changing and improving – you’re paying for quality (while still getting quantity!) that we’ve worked hard to attain.
  • Equipment! There’s huge investment in setting up a photography business. Over the years we’ve invested in a LOT of equipment: multiple cameras and lenses, multiple lighting setups, backdrops, props, baby clothing, super-computers to cope with the workload, software subscriptions to give your images a flawless finish – the list goes on and grows weekly!
  • Insurance… You wouldn’t drive without insurance, the same goes for photographers. We, our vehicles and our equipment are insured and this costs us to pay every year.
  • We come to you! You don’t have to bundle your newborn baby into the car and make a journey to a studio, you don’t have to drag two crying children to a booth in your local shopping centre while praying they’ll play ball and then buy into the various packages in order to get all your images while they’re staring at the sweetie aisle begging for chocolate! No going out in the rain either.

adam-2If that’s all you came here to find out – you can see there’s no mystery. You get what you pay for with us – a quality service, in your own home, no hard-sell on prints/products, time (lots of it!), no pressure, no hassle (though a coffee is always welcome). We will spend time getting to know your children and allowing them to become comfortable around us before we start pointing our cameras at them.

Be warned – we pull some pretty silly moves & poses when we’re working and make some strange noises in order to get attention!

Here, we’ll insert the links to the pages you might want to look at so you can see what ‘Expensive’ is, afterwards, we’ll give you some reasons to hire us to get professional photos of your family taken, so feel free to keep scrolling:

*No fine print! Just to say that you may find we’ll need to travel a little to get to you and if that’s the case, we may have to charge anywhere between €5 to €25 to get to you)

We also offer wedding photography, engagement/proposal shoots and so much more, see the ‘Prices’ section of our website for info on those.

So… Why should you hire a professional photographer to take your family photos? We’ll be quick…

  • Photos that are in focus, not blurry, correctly exposed, printable up to huge sizes!
  • Everyone gets in the photo! Not always one person missing as they’re holding the camera.
  • Fun – our sessions are fun. No hassle, no frustrations, no time limits.
  • Gifts – if you’re like us, it can be hard to find a suitable gift for some family members… Grandparents will love a photographic gift (YOU get the disc, so you can make them yourself and save money). Gift vouchers for our sessions can make wonderful gifts for absolutely anyone!

Of course, we understand that some people simply cannot afford to spend €195 on a photographer. This is why we offer our pop up sessions which are usually only €50 incl. 1 digital image for self printing. Remember that with these sessions, we do our best to use your slot to get to know your little ones and coax them in front of the lens to get you the magical photos you want, but this simply cannot replace the dedication and variety you get from a home studio session, plus, you still have to go out in the cold to get to us!

If you’re still here – thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read this. We love what we do, we have a passion for making people happy (cheesy as that sounds, it’s true) and a smile says more than anything else ever could.

Don’t take our word for it though! Read our on-site testimonials: CLICK HERE

Family Portrait Photography Cavan Monaghan Louth MeathFinally – if you’re interested in hiring us, simply contact us on 0429690315 or 0861925880 or visit our Contact page by clicking HERE. Thank you!