Bravery Blanky

Can you knit or crochet?

If you can, you can help! Bravery Blanky was set up by Susan Brown, a lady whose own son, Garda Ceejay McArdle, is fighting cancer. You can knit/crochet Bravery Blankies and have them given right to the (too) many children in Ireland who are fighting cancer.

In a recent article (link below) Susan said

“One night, lying beside my little boy in a hospital bed, I suddenly became aware of the ‘hospital bedding’ or the lack of it.It was a cold night and we had been admitted to the hospital with a high temperature and neutropenia. It was an unexpected hospital stay so unusually for us we were unprepared and hadn’t our usual pre-packed hospital bag with us. My little boy looked cold and vulnerable, lying face down in the unfamiliar surroundings. I pulled the hospital sheet around his little body and rang my husband to bring us in a throw or some kind of blanket when he would be visiting us the next day. My little boy Ceejay instantly took to the blanket and labelled it his ‘cozy’. He wrapped himself up in the throw and you could easily see that he slept more content that night.”

Bravery Blanky Comfort & Hope Wrapped in a Blanket

The birth of ‘Bravery Blanky’:

“During our regular hospital trips to the oncology ward, I started being really aware of the children lying in hospital beds for hours, receiving chemotherapy, fasting while waiting for theatre, and I couldn’t stop thinking about the comfort the ‘cozy’ had brought to Ceejay.

I decided to do a bit of research and found an organisation that provided ‘hope blankets’ to sick children in the USA. After a lot of consideration and within a few weeks, I set up a Facebook page called ‘Bravery Blanky’.”

(Click here for the original article on Dublin Live)

So, what does a Bravery Blanky look like? Each one is different! Below are some photos from the Bravery Blanky Facebook page:

bravery-blanky-pink-fishtail bravery-blanky-shark

bravery-blanky minion-bravery-blanky

Meet Ben!

Ben's Bravery Blanky

We are so thrilled with Ben’s blanket. As kids on chemo feel the cold a lot more than the rest of us, this blanket has become Ben’s new comfort blanket. He loves the cosiness and warmth of it and loves playing with the little woollen baubles on it. It provides such comfort and security for him.

Mandy, Ben’s Mum

How do I get involved?

Below are the recommended sizes for a Bravery Blanky along with some of the drop off points. If you need further information, please visit the Bravery Blanky Facebook page (click here) and contact Susan. If you can’t knit or crochet, you can always recommend this page to your friends who can! You can also give a small donation to help cover the cost of delivering these Bravery Blanky parcels to the children!


Of course, postage and couriers cost €, so if you’d like to make a small financial contribution (every cent counts!), then you can do so on the Bravery Blanky Go Fund Me page right here:

Special Delivery to St. John’s Ward from Garda Ceejay McArdle!



  • Small: 30″x36″ or 75cm x 90cm
  • Medium: 36″x42″ or 90cm x 105cm
  • Large: 48″x60″ or 120cm x 150cm

Note: Please note this is only a rough guide and there are no specific patterns or colours as Bravery Blanky likes for all of the blankets to be individual and special for each little hero. The only requirement is that the blankets are newly knitted or crocheted especially for Bravery Blanky and the material is machine washable as all blankets are washed in Fairy non bio and Dettol anti bacterial cleanser. This year, Bravery Blanky would love to provide blankets to the siblings of Angels from St. John’s ward. It is important that these families know how important they are and that they will always be a part of the St. John’s family.

Drop Off Points:

Please contact Bravery Blanky through their Social Media for information on the most recently available drop off points.