Camera Club Talks

IPF Nature Group Macro Workshop

  • July 17, 2015

We recently visited members of the IPF Nature Group in Palmerstown to demonstrate Macro & Focus Stacking techniques.

The night before, our kitchen was filled with bugs (thanks to the moss we extracted from the forest floor) as we made little mini studio setups for our attendees to use to photograph the bugs and flowers.

(Quick Tip – These are so easy to make! Get some cake board, a small 8″ square will do, then a block of oasis, cut in half and glue to the cake board – pop some moss on the top, you can fix this in place with some bamboo skewers like we did. Now all you need are some props such as flowers, plants, twigs, ivy etc. to create your scene. Great rainy day indoor project!).

Here are our 8 sitting ready to be transported:

Mini Macro Studios







The ‘Pringles Tube Flash Thing’ was a big hit and we decided to throw everyone’s names into a hat and pull out a winner so that at least someone could take it home and wouldn’t have to resort to eating an entire tube of Pringles in order to make their own. To the rest of you and to those on diets, we apologise…

We would like to thank all of the IPF delegates who attended. We certainly had fun and we hope that everyone came away having learned something new and enjoyed their experience. Looking forward to future workshops with the IPF Nature Group and will keep you all posted here!

Here are some images by Martin Devlin: