Newborn Photography

What Do We Wear?

  • February 24, 2020

What do we wear?

This is the question most frequently asked by our clients. Whether it’s for an outdoor or indoor session, formal or Lifestyle.

It’s not all jeans and white t-shirts – it’s not about matching outfits either. It’s about complementing colours and textures. Pale pastel and neutral colours photograph beautifully, as do rich, deep colours. Different textures such as denim, linen, cotton, wool (knitted), corduroy work very well together.

Layers are great, cardigans, wraps and winter woollies where appropriate. Soft or natural tones, such as pale pastels and neutrals will always photograph well. Black usually does not photograph well, so, tempted as you may be, please don’t.

We encourage you to leave your smart watch off and ensure that you do not have your phone or wallet in your pocket – distractions and strange shapes in your pocket are not ideal.

Shoes? Well, if you’re indoors, we always prefer toes (or plain socks, for those adults not keen on getting those piggies out). Outdoors, appropriate footwear for the type of session is advised. Going for a mucky walk? Wellies!

Whatever you choose to wear, we politely request that you avoid characters, logos or patterns such as checked, striped or polka-dot. Having one family member (such as mum, or a little girl) in a floral pattern is okay, but two can become too much. Avoid neon colours and avoid red. 

Vests- important – please do not put vests under kids’ clothing for your session. The straps or neckline will inevitably appear and cannot be edited out.

Dungarees – Please do not put dungarees on babies or children who are not up and walking as they will fall down or arch up over their face etc.

In a small nutshell: Deep and rich (such as mustard, forest green, burgundy or rusty) OR pale and pastel (such as light grey, baby blue, soft pink), no big branding labels or slogans and no characters or cartoons. Complementary colours and textures rather than matchy-matchy. Say NO to black. No vests under children’s clothing as the straps tend to show. Ensure that things that need to be ironed are ironed.

Need more help? Here’s a visual colour palette that should make it even easier:

Some links for babies & young children:
(Please note that we do not endorse any of the following websites, nor can we attest to their quality or service as we have not ordered from them ourselves. We are not recommending that you use these links specifically, merely that you utilise them as a guide for what to search for.)

For baby for a Lifestyle session, we generally photograph baby in their own little (well fitted) white vest. This is really lovely!

Again for a Lifestyle newborn session, ideally, have some Muslin swaddles laid out ready, these are comfy for baby and they look great! We love Bygge Bo, they’re a local shop in Navan, Co. Meath and we often buy from them ourselves:

Some wonderfully simple clothing here, perfectly suited for Lifestyle sessions:

(The above will not be to everybody’s taste, but for natural, simple clothing, there’s a good range there – be sure you’ll be able to pair adult or older child clothing nicely with these before diving in head first – Below are some more conventional options)

Beckett Organic Rib Romper:

Knitted cotton all-in-one Pink:

Knitted cotton all-in-one Green:

2-Piece knitted cotton set:


Rust Brown/Light Turquoise:

Old Rose/Light Turquoise:


Longsleeve Bodysuits

Brown/Khaki Green:

Henley Dusky Green:

Henley Yellow Beige:

We prefer plain over pattern as this focuses on baby, rather than their clothes, however here are some alternative options:

Rib Bear Footless Sleepsuits:

Floral Short Sleeve Bodysuits:
Muslins & Cot Sheets: