Phone Photo Guide

  • November 1, 2020

Taking your own photos for our Christmas Designs? Welcome to our quick guide.

Important: Photos are best directly off your camera roll, if you download low-quality images from Facebook, they may not print well. Please note that we are not responsible for the print quality of your photos.

Taking photographs especially? Here’s our guide:

  • Keep your background clear, don’t use your flash.
  • Use a soft cloth to clean your lens, often poor quality comes from a dirty lens!
  • Do NOT zoom in or crop the image, simply move closer.
  • Try not to force your subject to smile, take a second and be silly! Give them a reason for their eyes to sparkle instead of grimacing and showing you their ‘cheese’ face.
  • Get down on their level – try not to photograph your child from above in a dominant stance, get low.
  • No filters!
  • Light? Turn off the lights (they’re orange) and use natural light (not sun, just light!) from one side (not behind!) from a window.
  • Photographing a baby? Keep it simple, follow the same camera and light tips as above, but also consider – photograph a baby from above when they’re lying on their back if they can’t sit unaided, have the light coming from their head down to their toes or from one side to the other, don’t have that window down at their toes, uplighting them like a spooky Halloween torch photo, that was so last month!
Side light!