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Small Business Owners, It’s Time for a Branding Photography Session.

  • December 12, 2022

What do I need to promote my business?

You are your business. As the owner, your face is what helps to build trust and stand out from the noise of all of the hard working small business owners out there who are competing for attention. You need expressive photographs that you feel confident sharing so that you can connect with your dream clients.

Photographs bring your brand to life and show potential clients who you are.

The world is saturated with businesses like yours who are trying to snatch a spot in the limelight to promote their product or sell their service. We want to work with you to excite your potential customers and make them feel like they need what you’re selling.

We had an amazing branding session with Milca and Andy here in the UK on Salisbury Plain no less! The location had been scoped by them both prior to in order to give us the best possible back drop and lighting for our little flower truck. Their casual style and chatter is second to none and they both completely put us at our ease for the session, which went so quickly and easily. . .

Review from Moonraker & Rose who had a branding session for their flower business! #international

Where do I use these photographs?

When someone lands on your social media post, page or on your website, the photographs that they see are the very first representation of your business. It’s so important, now more than ever, that these photographs work to build excitement and trust in your brand. Potential clients need to see quality. You can have the best intentions, but blurry, flat or unimaginative photographs could loose a booking or a sale before they get past the first stage.

As your personal branding photographer, we provide you with high quality photographs that you can use on your website, Facebook, Instagram and any other platforms that you are using to promote yourself. We provide variety and work with you to plan your shoot so that we can capture everything you think that you need and all of the things you didn’t know that you needed.

A branding session isn’t about quantity, it’s not about endless white-background stock imagery of your products, it’s about colour, texture, tone, light, life. It’s about what you have to offer, but also who you are.

If you are thinking of booking these wonderful photographers, don’t hesitate. They recently did a branding shoot for my business and every single photograph was wow. Delighted to use their work for my website and social media. Definitely adds a professional look that my customers loved.

Review from Sandra Coote from Crafts of Ireland on her branding photography session.

What if I don’t like being photographed?

Most of us don’t like being in front of the camera, some of you absolutely hate it and that’s okay. We promise that we can make this painless. We are good at what we do, we know how to put you at ease and before you know it, the session will be over and you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about.

There aren’t enough words to describe how amazing these people are. From their professionalism to their personality, it was a super experience from start to finish! I felt so at ease and had fun with the entire shoot. They truly went above and beyond for me. I highly recommend MIAN photography!!! Such fun, lovely people with outstanding talent!

Review from Dearbh’s Donuts – Dearbhla was an absolute joy to work with!

What is the process involved in a branding photography shoot?

The first step is to contact us, tell us who you are, what you do and where you’re based. We’ll chat with you to get an idea of what you need from us and how we can best help you. We’ll set a date with you and then we’ll start the planning process.

We’ll ask you for things like your logo and brand colours (if you have those already) so that we can work on your colour palette. We’ll offer you advice on what to wear and how to prep your space and your products. We’ll ask you to put together a ‘must have’ list of photographs and even send on a Pinterest mood board for inspiration so that we can get an idea of the ‘feel’ that you’re after for your images.

Once you’ve had your session, we’ll send you over a couple of sample edits to make sure that you’re happy with the colour tones in the images and once we’ve got that settled, we will edit your photographs and send you over your preview gallery to choose from. You’ll be able to choose your favourite images and they will then be sent to you as a download to start using immediately!

I asked Milca and Andy from MIAN Photography and Training to shoot some marketing images for me for a number of reasons. They are great at what they do, they exude positive energy but what was perhaps most important to me was their belief in my business and the support they showed me. Everything they do, they do so with truth and passion, you can see this in their work.

A few words from the lovely Nicola from Two Sons Floristry.

Ready to give it a shot?

Okay! Let’s do this, we promise, this is easier than you think it is. Check out the information on the link below and then contact us to chat about your ideal session. You can catch us on 0861925880 or email info@mianphotography.com.

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