What to Wear

Dressing Your Newborn for Photos

  • December 14, 2022

A large part of the aesthetic of your newborn photographs depend on how you dress your baby. This is a simple guide on how to dress your baby for their session.

We have a wardrobe full of items for babies that are comfortable and photograph well, you’re welcome to ask us to bring a few pieces along that tie in with your chosen colour scheme for your photographs. We’ll always bring along some muslin swaddles and blankets too.

Take a look below at just some of the items that we have and keep this type of style in mind for baby if you are dressing them yourself. We are also just after adding a selection of knits that we’ve knitted up ourselves and a few purchased ones as well, which I’ll photograph soon and add to this post.

Dos and Don’ts for Dressing Baby


  • Temperature appropriate clothing. Avoid shorts and vests in the depth of winter, keep baby cosy.
  • Comfortable clothing, avoiding tight or stiff material.
  • Toes out! We want to see baby’s feet, so a onesie with built in feet isn’t ideal.
  • Neutral, pastel, earthy colours.


  • Dungarees. Please avoid them. They photograph so badly, despite being cute.
  • Tight headbands. If you want to pop a headband on baby towards the end of the session, this is perfectly okay, but if you have it on at the beginning and want some photos without, it’ll have left a mark!
  • Neon colours or solid black. Neon reflects off baby’s skin to give them an odd glow. Black isn’t your friend for this style of photograph for a few reasons, please avoid.

Dress Yourself First

Parents, especially mums who have recently given birth, are the most likely to be self conscious and be faffing about in the wardrobe trying to find something that (a) fits and (b) hasn’t got baby spit up on it. Worry about yourself first, then tie in any of baby’s siblings with you and baby will naturally follow. Be comfortable, be happy with what YOU are wearing first.

Most important of all… Ask. Before your session, we’ll ask you to WhatsApp us a photo of everyone’s clothes laid out so that we can help you to make sure that everything works. It’s all part of the process and all part of the service – we’re here for you.