Family Photography

Frosty Winter Walk with the Brady Family

  • December 15, 2022

A wonderful family member gifted the Brady family a voucher for a family session back in 2021. We had them booked in for November but with wet weather making our chosen location of The Hollow Lane here in Crossreagh (near Mullagh, next door to us!) impractically mucky, even for wellies and mucky pups, we rescheduled. With them living so close by, we chanced our arm with all of this beautiful frost we’ve been having to see if they wanted to have their session this week, so yesterday we met them down the lane and we’re so glad that we did!

Always bring the dogs!

Their dogs, Monty & Toby led the way and really enjoyed making me work for their personal portraits – we absolutely love it when families bring their furbabies for their photo sessions. Dogs are family too! When we visit someone’s home for a session, we often forget to talk to the adults first and spend the first 5 minutes on the floor with the dogs and the children.

Eimear on the other hand was a breeze to work with, she just glows when she smiles and we have no doubt that this bright young woman will go far in life. Such a pleasure to chat with.

Our family walks this lane so often with our own dog, Dixon, so it was nice to utilise such a local area for family photographs for a change, doing something that we love.

Thank you to the Brady family for allowing us to share these photographs with you. We look forward to hopefully catching up with them again.

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