Family Photography

Baby Conor’s Newborn Session

  • December 27, 2022

We met some very doting siblings today, who have been lucky enough to find themselves welcoming a new baby brother shortly before Christmas. Senan, Grace & Paudie are so in love with this little man and it’s clear to be seen.

Paudie was the only one to take 5 minutes to warm up to us, but it wasn’t long before he was joining in with the fun. Grace immediately took to Andy and sung to him on her piano/microphone combination, thoroughly enjoying being the centre of attention!

Something we really loved about this family is that they so naturally gravitate towards each other for hugs and to huddle together for family photographs. Posing three small children, two grown ups and a tiny baby can sometimes be a handful, especially when you’re trying to make sure everyone is comfortable but I think these guys nailed it!

Shauna was very patient with us when she sent on her outfit choices and we asked her to change a few things and we are so glad – this colour palette works so well together and she did a fantastic job!

You’ve got a lot to think about with a new baby in the house, so we send on a preparation guide when you book in with us and we’re always on hand on WhatsApp so that you can run outfit choices past us. It means that we can make sure that everything’s going to work for your whole family so that everyone is comfortable and nobody stands out more than anyone and that you don’t have to make any major decisions by yourself if you’re unsure.

Many thanks to this fantastic Cavan family for booking us for Conor’s newborn session, we are so happy to have met you and look forward to hopefully seeing you again in the future!

If you’re interested in a newborn session with us, then book in early as availability runs a couple of months ahead at all times.

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