Family Photography

It’s okay to still be in your jammies!

  • December 30, 2022

Usually, when we arrive at a home for a newborn session, at least one person isn’t quite ready and because she’s usually the one washing, dressing and fussing over everyone else, it’s mum. We met Maura yesterday, wearing some very fetching jammies when she answered the door, matched with a beautiful smile and a tiny baby Rian in her arms.

She soon disappeared down the hall to get ready while we were entertained by the very clever and engaging Dylan and given a fresh brew of coffee by dad who also topped Rian up with a quick feed to get him all sleepy for his session.

Dylan showed us his creations, his clay monsters and even wandered around making sure we had biccies to go with our coffee and I even saw him, out of the corner of my eye, pick up a baby vest, fold it and tidy it away! Where can we get one of these 8 (nearly 9) year olds?

We hung out with this family in their living room for a bit, taking photographs of them together, along with a few in front of the Christmas tree and some of the two little miracle men on their own.

I whisked mum and baby away to Dylan’s room and we set up on his bed with some blankets and our comfy doughnut beanbag so we could take some photographs of Rian by himself, he is after all, the little king of the hour!

He was a little unsettled at first, but a few comforting cuddles later and he settled right into his solo session and we quickly got what we needed so he could spend the rest of the morning being cuddled.

While we were doing that, Andy and Dylan stayed in the living room and Dylan got a guitar lesson from Andy! He’s a quick learner and a good student, who knows, one day we could be buying his album!

It was such a pleasure working with this family and we wish them the very best – Rian has the best of big brothers to grow up with and we’re sure that they’ll have lots of adventures together over the years.

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