Family Photography

Creating New Memories

  • January 6, 2023

Quite often, we are asked to create images for families who have lost a loved one and who would like to still honour them in their newborn or family photography sessions.

Baby Sophie’s Grandmother

Little Sophie’s grandmother passed away the year before her arrival, so her mother, Chloe, asked us to include her in some of the photographs somehow. We asked Chloe to gather a couple of items of clothing, a small item and a photograph of her mother so that we could include her in the session. These are the photographs that we created with Sophie with her grandmother’s wedding ring, a scarf and a photograph of the lady herself.

I loved the way we made mammy part of the shoot. She may have not met Sophie but by including her I know we can make mammy a big part of her life even if it’s not in person. I now love the way Sophie has a memory with mammy even if it’s in a different way from normal. It’s a picture that I will cherish forever and am so grateful to you both for doing that for me.


Fionny Mc’s Little Brother

Back in April 2019, we met Fionn, a little boy with childhood cancer. Aoibheann’s Pink Tie had asked us to come along and photograph his rainbow party where all his friends and family were gathered. It was an honour to be asked. Fionn passed away in 2019, breaking the hearts of anyone who had the pleasure of knowing him. When we heard that Lyndsey and Jay were pregnant, we contacted them to gift them a newborn session for Fionn’s little brother.

We got to meet Tiernan in April 2022 and we are so happy to have been able to honour Fionn in his newborn session. Lyndsey, Jay, Fionn and Tiernan hold a special place in our hearts and always will.

We have had the absolute pleasure of sharing Milca and Andy’s company on a number of occasions now. They have been there to capture moments that help us to enhance our most treasured memories. When we lost our precious Fionny Mc it was hard to believe we would ever experience anything that resembled joy again but with the arrival of Fionn’s baby brother Tiernan we realised that happiness wasn’t completely out of reach and we learned to balance enormous grief with new life and love. This can be an uphill battle for bereaved parents but the guys at MIAN embraced us and our new delicate family dynamic , we didn’t feel the need to put on a brave face or pretend to be ok , they took time to learn about and know our family , their genuine kindness and easy going nature made for the most enjoyable experience and all in the comfort of our own home ! They helped us to celebrate Tiernan while remembering and honouring Fionn. The sessions have been tailored made for fragile hearts ! No stress , no posing , comfy clothes and lots of laughs . We had the best day grabbing beautiful snapshots of Tiernan’s early days . We can’t thank Andy and Milca enough 💕

Lyndsey & Jay

Zoe’s Magic Wand

We followed little Zoe’s story online as she was going through treatment for childhood cancer. We had chatted with her mother, Carmel, about getting them booked in for a family session with her little sister Holly but between treatment, illness and Covid, it wasn’t to be. Zoe passed away on July 1st, 2020. When Carmel announced that she was expecting, we reached out to offer a newborn session to the family for when their new arrival entered the world. When Abby was born, we got to meet Zoe’s wonderful family and create some special memories for them, including Zoe.