Camera Club Talks

Bulbs, Lights & Greystones Camera Club

  • October 28, 2015

We recently visited Greystones Camera Club in Wicklow for a demonstration and practical workshop on photographing burning bulbs and light painting.

We had an excellent time and would like to thank them all for having us – we hope that they learned something and of course, had as much fun as we did.

Our Light Painting Kit includes (but is not limited to) some of the following items:

  • LED Lenser Torch
  • EL Wire
  • Pixel Stick
  • Sparklers (careful now…)
  • Wire Wool (fine grade), Whisk, Dog Chain (lead), 6V Battery (keep this away from your wire wool at all costs!)
  • Lasers (do NOT point directly at your camera)
  • Small round-topped torch for creating orbs
  • Battery operated Fairy Lights of various colours & lengths

Pretty much anything that emits light, even your phone, can be used for light painting. 30 seconds is usually enough to do what you need to do and remember, if you can’t write backwards, try writing the right way and flipping your image.

If any members of the club would like to have their work included on this post, send a watermarked version to or send them to us on our Facebook Page.

Regarding the burning bulbs – as we said on the night, we use a dimmer switch to control the burn and use standard bulbs (not the eco friendly ones!) to get the desired result, however we do NOT recommend that you try it at home, nor do we take responsibility for any damage or injury should you take it upon yourself to do so.

If you would like us to visit your club for a talk, workshop or demonstration, simply click here to contact us!