Do You “Do” Gay Weddings?

  • November 15, 2015

This week we were asked, imperiously, if we “do gay weddings”…

Engagement PhotosWe don’t photograph “gay weddings“… We don’t photograph “same sex weddings“… We don’t photograph “heterosexual weddings” or as we’ve had them called, “normal weddings” (no wedding is normal, each one is unique!)… We simply photograph weddings, the joining of two people who love one another. That’s it really, there’s not much more to be said on the matter.

Wedding PhotogaphyWhen it comes to your big day, we’re there from prep to first dance. There are two of us, one for each person preparing for the moment in which they will marry the person that they love. We want to capture all the steps along the way and the hours of celebration that come in the wake of your ceremony and provide you with a unique, high quality set of images by which to remember your day.

We are a stress-free option. We have become more than just photographers to our wedding couples and love what we do. We cater for the conventional and the quirky with high quality photographs and if required, plenty of creative post-processing to add to the magic of your day.

14If you’re interested in our work, feel free to visit our galleries, check our pricing and even call us to arrange a no-obligations cuppa and a chat. We can show you our work and talk you through what we can provide for you in the run up to and during your big day.

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