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Ambassador for a Year!

  • December 27, 2020
Ambassador for a Year!

Star Search! Well, not quite, but read on…

Our journey with our 2020 Brand Ambassadors, Maureen & Paul, their son Alfie and bump has almost come full circle, so now we are looking for two new families to take on a photographic adventure with us in 2021. There are a couple of notes, but basically, the families that we decide we absolutely have to work with for 2021 will receive the digital images from their sessions, whilst we use them to shape our portfolio going forward – i.e. you MUST be happy with us posting your images online, so if you’re shy, don’t apply!

Important: Family must be within 30km of Virginia, Co. Cavan.

Who are we looking for?

Baby’s First Year – We are looking for a family who is expecting a baby to join their household in March 2021, who preferably have at least one other little one. We would aim to do three sessions in baby’s first year – newborn, sitter and first birthday. Each session would take place in your home or at an outdoor location where appropriate.

A Family of Adventurers – Outdoorsy? Farmers? Art, craft and game loving? Friends as well as family? We want a family to do 2 outdoor sessions during different seasons (likely spring/summer and autumn). Muddy puddle loving, welly wearing, laugh having people are who we’re hoping for.

How do I apply?

Well, if you think you’re the right family for us (if you’re not, please tag someone who you think would be perfect!), please comment on the original post (on our Facebook page, link below) with:

  • PHOTO of your family (if you can’t get them all in one shot, don’t worry, that’s our job, you can post 2 or 3 images if you need to, but try to keep them under your own comment so they don’t get lost)
  • Names & (Children’s) Ages
  • Due Date (if for Baby’s First Year)
  • Nearest Town
  • Tell us about your yourselves and why you’re the perfect family to represent MIAN Photography & Training! What makes you stand out from the crowd?

Link to post:

Important: You will be asked to sign a contract with us simply to show that you understand what’s included and what we’re asking of you, including full permission to post images from your session – no money will exchange hands either way and we will not try to sell you anything – you will also not be restricted from using other photographers for photography jobs throughout the year, we’re not mean!

This Week at MIAN HQ

  • November 11, 2020
This Week at MIAN HQ

Lockdown Wedding 2020

We had a wedding! We were so excited this week to get out the door to Threasa & Kilian’s wedding in Bruskey. After a sweet and short ceremony in the church and some quick family altar photos, we headed off to Mullagh, to the Golden Mile for some photos of the newlyweds – we barely caught the last light of the day and made it to the lake just in time for a little drizzle – never let that stop you!


Mr. Wilson Makes

We also took the leap this week to set Andy up with his own Facebook and Instagram accounts to show off his knitwear and other crafts, feel free to show him some love over there!

Andy’s Instagram:

Andy’s Facebook:

All things Christmas!

We’ve taken a chance that we’ll be able to reopen again by December 2nd and have begun to contact clients for their Christmas Mini Session dates, the latest rescheduling thanks to Covid-19! We have dozens of minis and family sessions that were affected by all of this, who we are going to have to get new dates for, so we’ve had to start early and simply hope that we’ll be able to go ahead.

In the mean time, we’ve also been creating our Christmas designs for your cards and gifts and we are so grateful for everyone’s support! Perhaps next year this is something we’ll be able to offer alongside of our minis, using the photos that we capture – perpetual optimism!

Click here to visit our Christmas Things page!

Phone Photo Guide

  • November 1, 2020
Phone Photo Guide

Taking your own photos for our Christmas Designs? Welcome to our quick guide.

Important: Photos are best directly off your camera roll, if you download low-quality images from Facebook, they may not print well. Please note that we are not responsible for the print quality of your photos.

Taking photographs especially? Here’s our guide:

  • Keep your background clear, don’t use your flash.
  • Use a soft cloth to clean your lens, often poor quality comes from a dirty lens!
  • Do NOT zoom in or crop the image, simply move closer.
  • Try not to force your subject to smile, take a second and be silly! Give them a reason for their eyes to sparkle instead of grimacing and showing you their ‘cheese’ face.
  • Get down on their level – try not to photograph your child from above in a dominant stance, get low.
  • No filters!
  • Light? Turn off the lights (they’re orange) and use natural light (not sun, just light!) from one side (not behind!) from a window.
  • Photographing a baby? Keep it simple, follow the same camera and light tips as above, but also consider – photograph a baby from above when they’re lying on their back if they can’t sit unaided, have the light coming from their head down to their toes or from one side to the other, don’t have that window down at their toes, uplighting them like a spooky Halloween torch photo, that was so last month!
Side light!

Christmas Things!

  • November 1, 2020
Christmas Things!

Personalise your Christmas gifts and cards with your family’s photos. Our Digital Christmas Designs are ready!

We have limited the numbers available on each one for now as we are only human and can only work so fast. If the design you want isn’t available, check back in a day or two and drop us a message and we’ll contact you as soon as it’s available again. Turnaround time is roughly 24-48 hours.

Thank you all so much for supporting us, 2020 has been rough on everyone but you make it better x

Pop on over to our shop page for more information and to purchase your favourite design. There are 7 designs available. Prices range from €10 to €20, please read the descriptions on the products to see what we can edit for you.

Click Here to Shop for your Christmas Design!

There’s more!

Support another small local business by ordering your Christmas cards with our design through Deer Lane Studio, based in Co. Cavan.

Click Here for More Information on Deer Lane Studio

What Do We Wear?

  • February 24, 2020
What Do We Wear?

What do we wear?

This is the question most frequently asked by our clients. Whether it’s for an outdoor or indoor session, formal or Lifestyle.

It’s not all jeans and white t-shirts – it’s not about matching outfits either. It’s about complementing colours and textures. Pale pastel and neutral colours photograph beautifully, as do rich, deep colours. Different textures such as denim, linen, cotton, wool (knitted), corduroy work very well together.

Layers are great, cardigans, wraps and winter woollies where appropriate. Soft or natural tones, such as pale pastels and neutrals will always photograph well. Black usually does not photograph well, so, tempted as you may be, please don’t.

We encourage you to leave your smart watch off and ensure that you do not have your phone or wallet in your pocket – distractions and strange shapes in your pocket are not ideal.

Shoes? Well, if you’re indoors, we always prefer toes (or plain socks, for those adults not keen on getting those piggies out). Outdoors, appropriate footwear for the type of session is advised. Going for a mucky walk? Wellies!

Whatever you choose to wear, we politely request that you avoid characters, logos or patterns such as checked, striped or polka-dot. Having one family member (such as mum, or a little girl) in a floral pattern is okay, but two can become too much. Avoid neon colours and avoid red. 

Vests- important – please do not put vests under kids’ clothing for your session. The straps or neckline will inevitably appear and cannot be edited out.

Dungarees – Please do not put dungarees on babies or children who are not up and walking as they will fall down or arch up over their face etc.

In a small nutshell: Deep and rich (such as mustard, forest green, burgundy or rusty) OR pale and pastel (such as light grey, baby blue, soft pink), no big branding labels or slogans and no characters or cartoons. Complementary colours and textures rather than matchy-matchy. Say NO to black. No vests under children’s clothing as the straps tend to show. Ensure that things that need to be ironed are ironed.

Need more help? Here’s a visual colour palette that should make it even easier:

Some links for babies & young children:
(Please note that we do not endorse any of the following websites, nor can we attest to their quality or service as we have not ordered from them ourselves. We are not recommending that you use these links specifically, merely that you utilise them as a guide for what to search for.)

For baby for a Lifestyle session, we generally photograph baby in their own little (well fitted) white vest. This is really lovely!

Again for a Lifestyle newborn session, ideally, have some Muslin swaddles laid out ready, these are comfy for baby and they look great! We love Bygge Bo, they’re a local shop in Navan, Co. Meath and we often buy from them ourselves:

Some wonderfully simple clothing here, perfectly suited for Lifestyle sessions:

(The above will not be to everybody’s taste, but for natural, simple clothing, there’s a good range there – be sure you’ll be able to pair adult or older child clothing nicely with these before diving in head first – Below are some more conventional options)

Beckett Organic Rib Romper:

Knitted cotton all-in-one Pink:

Knitted cotton all-in-one Green:

2-Piece knitted cotton set:


Rust Brown/Light Turquoise:

Old Rose/Light Turquoise:


Longsleeve Bodysuits

Brown/Khaki Green:

Henley Dusky Green:

Henley Yellow Beige:

We prefer plain over pattern as this focuses on baby, rather than their clothes, however here are some alternative options:

Rib Bear Footless Sleepsuits:

Floral Short Sleeve Bodysuits:
Muslins & Cot Sheets:

Behind the Scenes

  • February 4, 2020
Behind the Scenes
Behind the Scenes with MIAN at a Fine Art Newborn Session

Did you know, contrary to what it looks like, we don’t bring all those baskets, fluffs, flowers and props with us to every session? We’re all about comfort for your baby, so we work in The Perfect Posie, our magic beanbag, with a Tranquilo Mat (vibrating mat) underneath and the Sound Sleeper App on our tablet. We have a constantly updated wardrobe of knitted outfits (hand-knitted by Andy!) and beautiful soft, stretchy wraps and of course a selection of delicate headbands and super cute teddies and aside from the technical equipment, this is all that we need!

The magic happens afterwards… See that image above? That turns into what you see below!

A beautiful Luisa Dunn Digital Backdrop with our little model Bella, composited from the little beanbag onto the finished image – no lifting, no waking!

So if you are wondering if you’ll ever have enough room for us in your home, the answer is YES, of course! We’ve worked in some tight spaces and we absolutely love a challenge. You will still receive these beautiful pieces of art in your gallery when we’re finished waving the magic wand using the correct spells.

All wrapped up, snug as a bug in a rug!
Some babies pretend not to be sleepy…
…But it usually doesn’t take long…
The team…

Want to know more?

We will start to post on our blog more often, it’s been a little neglected… If you’re interested in booking with us for a newborn session, please visit our Newborn Information by clicking HERE. Be sure to follow us on Facebook on to see our latest work.

Thank you to our friend Deirdre Rusk for the wonderful behind the scenes photographs and to Tara Cole for allowing her little lady, Bella, to model for us!

Flying Fabrics Photography Workshop

  • February 11, 2018

It’s about time that we scheduled in another workshop and due to a number of requests following our latest maternity session, we’ve decided to run a ‘Flying Fabrics’ workshop!

All details can be found below and should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through Facebook or  our Contact Us page.

Fabric and Maternity Photography Workshop Cavan Meath


Date: Saturday, April 7th
Venue: Navan (Bartosz Tomas’ studio, Mullaghboy Ind. Est.)
Time: 2-5PM
Cost: €120
Max. Students: 6

Lighting – HSS (High Speed Sync) vs. Non HSS, Lighting types, Affordable Lighting
Fabrics, Styling, Posing

(Some maternity posing tips will be given, however this is not a maternity workshop)

€50 non refundable booking fee required to secure place. Balance due on the day. Spaces limited to 6 to ensure all participants get adequate shooting time. Follow-up Photoshop workshop to be scheduled in at a later date.


Portrait Retouching Workshop

  • April 29, 2016
Portrait Retouching Workshop

Location: Beckscourt Centre, Bailieborough, Co. Cavan

Date: Wednesday, May 25th

Time: 7-9.30PM

Cost: €40
(incl. tea/coffee & biscuits)

Max. 10 Participants

What you need:

  • Laptop with Photoshop (any version) (bring your power cable!)
    • We have 3 laptops available for students – first come, first served
  • Wireless Mouse (much more precision than your touchpad)
  • Notepad & Pen

What you will learn:

  • Basic RAW processing for portraits
  • Skin retouching using Frequency Separation
  • Masking
  • Dodging & Burning
  • Making eyes ‘pop’
  • How far is too far?

Contact us now on (click to mail) or phone us on 0429690315 or 0861925880 for more information or to book!

Portrait Retouching Frequency Separation Dodge Burn

School Photos

  • April 28, 2016
School Photos

We’ve had a few enquiries from our clients asking if we do school photos. Well yes, we do – but because of the nature of our business, the logistics of booking in a school session, getting you your proofs, taking your orders and getting your photos to you is beyond our scope. However, we have come up with a solution!

We are now pleased to offer the following:

Non-School-Day School Photos!

Yes, that’s right – book us for one of our Home Studio Portrait sessions (click here for details) and your child(ren) can have an outfit change and have their school uniform photo taken during the session. This way you can have a family session and get your School Photos done at the same time for no extra cost.

(Thank you to three of the Fisher children for being themselves, as always)

School Photos Cavan Monaghan Meath Louth

School Photos Cavan Monaghan Meath Louth School Photos Cavan Monaghan Meath Louth School Photos Cavan Monaghan Meath Louth

The Making Of…

  • April 27, 2016

Before & After:

Studio Portrait Photography At Home Cavan Monaghan Meath Louth Children Babies Studio Portrait Photography At Home Cavan Monaghan Meath Louth Children Babies Wonderwoman

To some folks, €150 for a photo session with your little one(s) may sound expensive – so we’d like to show you what you get for your hard-earned money!

We come to your home, with our professional equipment, there are two of us. We bring our lights, backgrounds, cameras and props, all of which cost money to purchase, maintain, repair and replace! We keep our overheads down because we don’t have to pay rent or rates, as we don’t operate from a premises, so we pass the savings on to you – if we had those bills to pay, we’d need to charge a lot more.

We’re friendly and spend time building a rapport with you and your little ones, we play with the children and get them interested in what we’re doing while we set up. Because we’ve come to your home, you haven’t had to bundle them into the car in the rain, drive to a location and hope that they don’t play up when you get to the studio! They’re not in a strange environment and something as simple as a mission to bring us their favourite toy or help us carry one of the props from the van can open dialogue with them.

We don’t just ‘snap’ the ‘pics’ and then upload them and charge you an arm and a leg for prints. Your session includes 3 free prints, because your beautiful photos belong on the wall in your home, not stored on a USB or CD! If you don’t want to purchase any more, that’s okay – if you do, we’re very reasonable on price. Purchasing a disc with available images costs you just €50 and generally contains around 10 high quality, professionally retouched images, sometimes more. We inject humour and imagination into the photos if that’s what you’d like to see, or we can simply leave the photos finished with basic development.

We’re flexible – we work all hours, every day of the year (except Dec. 25th!) – if a Sunday is what suits you, then it suits us too. If we arrive and your little one is having a terrible day, then we can come back another day – we don’t charge you twice, we only charge you for travel!

Most importantly, we’re bitten (or gummed!), we’re pooped on, we often go home smelling of sour milk. We’ve been wee-weed on. We’ve waited hours to take the perfect photos when waiting for someone to have a nap, a snack or a ‘moment’. We love what we do, we love being welcomed to your home, chatting about our work over a coffee and most of all we love delivering finished photos to you and when we can, we’ll do so in person. Take a look below to see how it is that we do what we do, what we start with and where  your picture finishes up and some of the giggles that can be had during your session!

Why not give us a call and experience it for yourself? We can cater for two families in one home too, so you can spread the cost between you!Studio Portrait Photography At Home Cavan Monaghan Meath Louth Children Babies Studio Portrait Photography At Home Cavan Monaghan Meath Louth Children Babies Studio Portrait Photography At Home Cavan Monaghan Meath Louth Children Babies Studio Portrait Photography At Home Cavan Monaghan Meath Louth Children Babies Studio Portrait Photography At Home Cavan Monaghan Meath Louth Children Babies Studio Portrait Photography At Home Cavan Monaghan Meath Louth Children Babies Studio Portrait Photography At Home Cavan Monaghan Meath Louth Children Babies Studio Portrait Photography At Home Cavan Monaghan Meath Louth Children Babies  Studio Portrait Photography At Home Cavan Monaghan Meath Louth Children Babies Studio Portrait Photography At Home Cavan Monaghan Meath Louth Children Babies Studio Portrait Photography At Home Cavan Monaghan Meath Louth Children Babies Studio Portrait Photography At Home Cavan Monaghan Meath Louth Children Babies