There are some questions that we’re asked regularly, so here they are, along with the answers! If this doesn’t help answer your questions, then pop it in an email to info@mianphotography.com and we’ll do our best to answer it for you as quickly as we can.

How Much Are You for Photos?

There’s only one answer to that, ‘it depends’. We’re lucky that our workload is varied and as such, we don’t just cover one genre of photography. Here on our website, you’ll find prices for all of our services.

Can You Do it Any Cheaper?

The short answer to that is quite simply – no. We appreciate that our prices will not always be affordable for everyone, however we don’t charge you any more than we have to. Everybody is charged the same price. Sometimes, we may run a special offer or run Mini Sessions, so keep an eye on our Facebook page for those, however please don’t ask us to discount our prices – save us and you the awkward reply. Bonus Tip: Return clients receive 10% off a follow up home-studio or lifestyle session!

How Much is Travel?

This depends on where you are located. All of our sessions are charged at a flat rate, travel is added on afterwards to cover our costs. 10kms from our base is free, after that, travel increases in increments of €5. We are in the process of moving and will update here with a map and rates once this is done.

Can’t I Just Come to You?

Who wants to bundle their newborn or the rest of their clan into the car for a road trip when you can have professional portraits taken in a much more relaxed setting in your own home? If you do, then unfortunately we’re not the photographers for you. To keep life interesting, to keep costs down for our clients and to make it easier for you – you don’t need to go anywhere, we come to you.

When Should I Book?

As soon as you can! Regardless of the type of photography you need (newborn, family, wedding, event etc.), the sooner you book, the better availability around your required date. For newborns, please try to book in the first weeks of your 3rd trimester at the very latest to guarantee availability around your due date. We are often fully booked 1-2 months in advance.

Do You Give Me Every Image You Shoot?

No. Generally, from each pose/angle, we may have 2-4 versions of this shot to ensure the best focus for sharp images and of course the best expression (no blinkers!). Duplicates, those images that are used as test-shots for lighting, blinkers, missed focus and anything else that won’t result in a perfect finished product for you are deleted in the very first review of your images once we put them on our computer. Trust us to deliver our very best to you. Please do not request ‘all’ or ‘unedited’ images as these will not be available or given to you. Please also note that the photos that we take are digital negatives, so even if we wanted to, we can’t give you the unedited photos – just like with film, we have to develop these images with special software before you can access them. You will receive as many photos as we are able to give you that represent our standard of quality and style.

When Do We Get Our Photos?

This depends on the type of photography you’ve asked us to do and our schedule. We always endeavour to get your photos to you as quickly as we can, however perfecting all of your images takes time. Usually, from a newborn or home-studio session, we try to get one or two previews to you that evening or the next day, however this may not always be possible. Rest assured that we’ll work hard all day (and much to our detriment perhaps, at night too!) in order to get your photos to you in a timely manner.

How Many Photos Do I Get?

This also depends on the type of photography that you’ve asked us to do. We give you what we can – we don’t hold back on photos for any reason. We don’t do IPS (in person sales – selling of digital and printed products from your session) – we give you what we have, all included on your disc. Depending on the package you purchased, you may receive 1-2 free printed images as a gift from us to you, other than this, all images are digital for self-printing.

Do You Offer Printing/Albums?

We would prefer to send you straight to the source for this service, saving you more €! You are welcome to use your digital images for printing with any professional printer, online supplier or even your local chemist (test print one photo with your chemist first to ensure colours are printed true, not blue, or yellow, or green…). We highly recommend using Bartosz Tomas in Navan as he offers a wide variety of affordable, high quality print choices and products such as photo books and canvas prints.

What If I Lose My Images?

We recommend that our clients make backup copies of any CD/DVD/USB that has their photos on it. Should your disc become damaged or get lost, replacing it will involve a fee of €35 for a CD/DVD and a USB will cost €35 plus the cost of a new USB. Note: We will endeavour to retain your images on our backups for as long as we can, usually up to 1-2 years. However we cannot guarantee these images as technology can fail. In addition to this, we will also periodically delete old session files in order to make space for new ones (backup hard drives are expensive!), so sessions older than 2 years will most likely no longer be with us.