Business Branding Sessions

Who are you?

You are your business. Let us help you to represent your brand by creating an aesthetic to suit your product or service! We will help you to personalise your branding and elevate your business to the next level by telling your story with a carefully styled and crafted set of photographs.

Branding photography helps you to define the Who, What and Why of your business. Who are you? What do you do? Why should your client hire you or buy from you?

As a small business ourselves, we understand the impact that the right photographs can have for our clients. Too often we see businesses with an amazing narrative working with poor quality images. When we work with you, it’s double the win – we’ll not only photograph your business, but we can also teach you how to make your own photographs work for you – making the best use of your space, available photography equipment (even if that’s just your phone) and of course the light – it’s all about the light!

My photo shoot with MIAN Photography & Training has really helped me establish my brand.

Bríd Fanning

For just a moment, Google yourself, your own name and then your business – are the images that are appearing what you want to see? This is where we come in. You can use the images from your shoot to enhance your online presence (as well as any printed materials such as business cards, labels, flyers or posters). They can also be used to help you to create better content for your social media – your graphic designer will love having access to these images for future marketing materials! Best of all, over time, when you Google yourself and your business, you will start to see the brand that you’ve worked so hard to create, rather than awkward reminders of your past recorded with dodgy photography in poor light!

Contact us today to chat with us about your branding photography session for your business – packages start at €350 for a basic session including headshots (yes, you are the face of your business!) – let us know what you need and we’ll help you to build a visual representation of your business.


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You can also contact us to book a one to one training session, where we can teach you to use your phone or camera to take better photographs for your business!